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Maebelle & Bo Ltd has grown and changed a lot since it was established in November 2014.    The business is run by me (Rachael) around my children (Maebelle and Bo!) from our home and headquarters which, as you can probably imagine, is a little chaotic at times, but a lot of fun!  

I started off designing clothes for my little ones and hand-making everything myself, but as the business has grown I have branched out into fabric design, so many of the designs you will find here are totally unique and exclusive to Maebelle & Bo.   

I love working with organic fabrics and like to know that everything I do is ethical so my designs are made with GOTS certified organic knit fabric - that's the Global Organic Textile Standard.  In a nutshell anything with this certification guarantees that certain minimum but stringent standards are met within the manufacturing process from the harvesting of raw materials right the way through the process to the end product.  This means less toxins and harsh chemicals in contact with your baby's skin, and you can rest assured that anyone involved in the process is an adult, is not being forced to work, and works in a safe and fair environment with fair pay and working conditions. 

All of my exclusive design products are printed and made up in a wonderful GOTS certified establishment in India.  My other products are hand-made here in the UK by me and team.   I work very closely with my partners in India and am very proud of their working practices, ethical standards and attention to detail.

I'm always open to suggestions so if you have any just drop me a line!





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